Materials Science. Textile and Clothing Technology

Discontinued publication in 2016.

The journal comprises publications by RTU researchers and doctoral students as well as by researchers from different institutions in Latvia and abroad.


The aim of the journal is to publish results of research concerning topical issues in the field of textile materials technologies and design.  It provides information about the research carried out at Riga Technical University, results of collaborative research with institutions in Latvia as well as the achievements of the researchers in other European countries.

The journal covers the following themes:

  • Investigation and treatment of such renewable resources as hemp stalks and flax
  • Application of flax and hemp fibers in construction and furniture industry
  • Development of advanced textile materials,
  • Development of knitted conductive textiles and materials and methods used in their production
  • Researching properties of textiles and their application in medicine, veterinary, garment manufacturing construction. 
  • Wearable bio-monitoring systems and smart textiles for healthcare
  • Methods of design in garment production
  • Specific features of design of national costumes