Composition Principles of Zemgale National Costume Bronze Sheet Metal Crowns

Anita Jansone, Gunta Zommere, Silvija Kukle


The study looked at 48 Zemgale’ s bronze sheet metal crowns from museums and literature sources analyzing the article bar composition and signs. The
characteristically crown bar composition is situated horizontally or vertically on the edge of the crown. The central bar and border combinations can be classified
in 12 types; the most popular bar layout is a single-band composition, followed by the central sign bar with identical borders, located at the top and the bottom of
the crown. Depending on the number of lanes 6 types of crown composition can be classified. The central article bar is found to have 7 types of zig-zag lines. It
was recognized that according to the simmetry classes 33 signs correspond to the Cn class and 57 to the Dm class. It was possible to detect a bar ornament class
only in 56% of crowns. The research obtained 100 different signs that were classified in 6 groups, based on the number and type of the key element, geometric
forms and the degree of complexity. Groups were organized by a corresponding index. Zemgale bronze sheet crowns have simple, compound and combined
signs. After semantic matter signs can be classified in 12 groups.


etnogrāfiskais vainags, ornamentu grupas, zīmes un motīvi, bronzas skārds, Zemgale

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DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2013.004


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