The Electrical Properties of Bast Fibre Fabrics Change after Nanoparticles of Metals and their Oxides are Applied

Uljana Sidorovica, Ilze Baltina, Andrejs Lusis, Janis Zandersons


In the paper changes of electrical properties of bast
fibre fabrics after deposition of metals and metal oxide
nanoparticles have been investigated. Moisture content of
samples after storing them in different climatic conditions was
determined using the thermogravimetry method. Electrical
resistance changes depending on moisture content were
investigated using impedance spectorscopy.
The analysis of measurements shows that samples with surface
treated in plasma attract water better than samples with
untreated surface. In turn metal coatings reduce water sorption.
The research shows that coatings decrease electrical resistance of
samples. Samples stored in normal climatic conditions can be
characterized with capacitive/reactive resistance, ie. they have
expressed dielectric properties but moist samples in lowfrequency
range have ohmic/active resistance, ie. they have
expressed electric conductivity properties that turn into dielectric
properties in high-frequency range. It can be concluded that
electric resistance of bast fibre fabrics is influenced by moisture
content in sample and coating material.


bast fibres, impedance spectroscopy, metal coatings, thermogravimetry

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DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2013.009


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