The Impact of Mechanical and Chemico-mechanical Treatment on Natural Fibre Dimensions

Laima Grave, Silvija Kukle, Anna Šutka, Ausma Vilumsone


The Research aim is to find the most time and energy
economic treatment of natural fibres to obtain micro and
nanofibres. Alkaline treatment, steam explosion autohydrolysis
and ultrasonic treatment effect on hemp fibres and shives
dimensions were examined. Fibres length, diameter, form factor
and sifting amount were analyzed. The results of the analysis
show that an increase in treatment intensity gives a higher
amount of fibres being noticeably shorter and thinner than the
untreated dew-retted fibres. Fine content of fibres and shives
increases, when treatment intensity increases.


steam explosion autohydrolysis, ultrasonic treatment, hemp, fibres dimensions, fibres tester

Full Text:


DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2013.014


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