Printing of Linen Fabric for Reduction of Flammability

Aina Bernava


Prewashed raw (unbleached) and bleached 100 % linen fabrics were flat screen printed with pastes Tubivis DRL 300 or Tubvinyl 235, a flame retardant agent for cellulosic articles Apyrol CEP addition and pigment Bezaprint Green BT. Half of the printed fabrics were after-washed. The burning characteristics of raw and bleached, and the same printed and printed, after-washed fabrics were tested. The best performance in flame retardancy was achieved for bleached linen printed with Tubivis DRL 300 paste and for after-washed raw linen fabric printed with both pastes.


Linen fabric; printing; flammability reduction

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DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2015.004


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