Usage of Working Time for Preparation and Cutting of Cloth in Garments’ Production

Dana Beļakova, Inese Ziemele


Production working time expenditure management and standardizing is vital in the present global apparel production market to be able to compete in the market.
Working time expenditure is connected with production quality, costs and productivity and by using appropriate working time expenditure determination
methods, it is possible to find production margins, improve working methods and to find a midway between production costs and worker salaries. Therefore it is
important to carry out working time expenditure structure research. The article reflects the results of a research that has been carried out during a coverall and
leisure clothing production in a preparation-cutting stage. The goal of the research is to determine the production margins and adequate time standards for the
coverall and leisure apparel production in the preparation-cutting department. To achieve that, the executor working time expenditure observations were carried
out, including observations of the technological processes of the operations, working space arrangement and working space maintenance kind, using the
generally known methods - the individual and group working day photographing method have been used. All executor activities and movements have been
registered in the photography observation sheet. To process the acquired data, statistical data processing methods have been used.
Thus, the fundamentals for standardizing of working time at preparation-cutting station are cleared: the automatic running time or cutting perimeter of the cutting
machine and equipment`s operative time (can be included after additional research of the specific equipment`s work process).
One should keep in mind that the acceptable at the moment calculation method of working time, which is a constant fraction (6.64%) of the assembling time,
will justify themselves as long as the range of products remains constant in technological uniformity and product assembly process will be in 18 minute range.


apģērbu ražošana, sagatavošana, piegriešana, darba laika normēšana

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DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2013.015


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