Nanostructured Polyester Yarn Integration in Woven Vascular Implants

Viktoriya Kancevicha, Andrey Lukyanchikov


Woven synthetic vascular prosthesis consisting of polyester yarn, nanostructured particles of colloidal silver and polyurethane yarns and natural silk surgical thread were offered in the process of this scientific and practical activity. Previous scientific and practical experience of manufacturing various types of vascular prostheses was used in designing a new prosthesis. Advanced biomechanical and other properties used in the development of yarns were examined. The innovative structure of woven walls of prosthesis has normal biomechanical properties. Expressed antimicrobial activity of nanostructured wall of the prosthesis is an important indicator for the successful incorporation of synthetic implant in a living organism. These prostheses are capable of providing long-term normal physiologic hemodynamics in the recycled circulatory system.


Silver nanostructured yarn; synthetic vascular implant; woven synthetic vascular prosthesis

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DOI: 10.7250/mstct.2014.001


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